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Ur Geeks is a computer repair company that offers the following services:

– Speed Up Slow Computer

– Home Computer Repair

– Computer Services

– Computer Setup

– Computer Printers

– Computer Network & Internet Setup

– Computer startup problems and Crash

– Hard Drive

– Data Backup

– Data Transfer

– Data Recovery Services

– Virus or Spyware Removal

– Software Upgrade – Operating System Upgrade and Re-installation

– Personal Computer Training

– Additional Services

– Apple Mac product Onsite Support & service

Speed Up Slow Computer

It is only normal for computers to get slower and slower as time goes on. This is due to the fact that they accumulate junk and unwanted programs which can slow them down drastically. In order to speed up your slow computer, we will uninstall any programs that are not being used and clear out the temporary files that are being stored.

We also remove any extra toolbars, widgets, and more that do nothing except slow your system down. Once we are finished, we will check all of the startup items on your computer and perform a tune-up to ensure that it is working as efficiently as possible. We make sure to check the processing power of your computer and the memory that is installed, performing any necessary upgrades along the way.

Data Recovery Services

Recovering data is when you salvage any data that was damaged, inaccessible, corrupted, or that fails when it cannot be accessed normally. This data is usually being recovered from internal or external hard disk drives, solid state drives (SSD), storage tapes, or even USB flash drives. This type of recovery may be necessary due to physical damage to the existing storage device or even local damage to the specific file system.

One of the most common recovery situations involves operating system (OS) failure which is also a disk-level failure like files that have been deleted from a storage medium, hard disk failure, or even a compromised file system or disk partition. Whichever one of the cases it is, the data will not be able to be read easily. The goal is to salvage the data that can be read and copy the files to another disk.

Our technicians know how important the data on your computer is to you. Mistakes happen, so whether you have deleted some important documents by accident or maybe have a failed hard drive, our skilled professionals can help you get your data back. Ur Geeks can recover almost any type of media through various recovery options that range from software utilities to spyware attacks and even clean-room recovery.

Hard Drive Recovery in Silver Spring, MD

Hard drive recovery

Personal Computer Training

Not everyone understands how to work on a computer and we understand how frustrating it could be. Instead of wasting time trying to get the hang of your Windows or Mac program, our team in Silver Spring, MD can help you get the hang of it. Once we are done with the training, you will be able to confidently work on your computer and be productive with your projects. We have on-site professionals that have years of training and experience for the job. We can help you understand all aspects of your computer in a simple way.

Ur Geeks provides clients with personalized training and troubleshooting sessions on-site at your home or office, which include:

– Getting started with your new computer

– Utilizing your email to your maximum ability

– Sending, downloading, or saving attachments or pictures

– Efficiently using the Internet

– Learning to use Microsoft Office like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Outlook

Make a list of things that you want our technicians to teach you during your on-site computer training sessions and we will ensure that you get the service you need.

Additional Services

The Ur Geeks technicians also provide various setup services which are listed below:

Skype Setup

Skype is a platform that allows users to make free Internet calls along with cheap mobile and landline calls. Here, you can communicate with others through voice, video, and instant messenger when connected to the Internet. Skype also has additional features which include file transfers, video conferencing, and more. We can guide you through the setup and ensure that everything is configured properly in order to suit your needs.

Social Media Setup

Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and many others are ways in which you can interact with people on the web by creating, sharing, as well as exchanging information. The technology in the social media realm include blogs, magazines, Internet forums, social networks, photos, videos, ratings, podcasts, and more.

Email Setup

We can offer you professional help in order to set up your email account.

Media Center Setup

Folders and software which are for TV shows, movies, music, photography, along with other media folders.

Game Center Setup

Whether you want an Apple or PC game center setup, we can get it done for you. This way, you can start playing your favorite games faster.

Web TV Setup

We can help you create an account and using your ISP, we will set up your Web TV.

Digital Camera Setup and Training

Digital cameras are often used by businesses and individuals for professional photography. We can send trained employees who will be able to walk you or your employees through taking quality photos.

MP3 Setup and Training

Our professionals will be able to enable MP3 file downloading and transferring on your computer.

Universal Remote Setup

This kind of setup can be tricky; however, we have professionals that will come out to train you or someone else in your home in how to program the remote.

Video to DVD Transfer

If you want your most-cherished videos transferred onto DVD’s, we can help.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

This is a specific type of technology that allows you to call someone anywhere in the world at low rates or no rates at all. We can set it up for you.

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